Griffons4Hire Gone Global

Departmental News

The Career Center’s Griffons4Hire is now mobile and offers global job postings. The updates were put into place on Tuesday, Jan. 30.

The updates were put into place to benefit students who are looking for jobs and make the process easier, according to Student Employment Coordinator Claudia Baer.

“The website is getting a facelift and [It’s going to be] more personalized for the students.” Baer said.

This is the first major update to the website. Some of the new features to the Griffons4Hire website include:

  • jobs available outside of the United States
  • filtered search engine when looking for jobs on the website
  • a more mobile friendly interface
  • text and email notifications from the dashboard

Before the new updates on mobile you’d have to turn your phone a certain way to access some portions of the site and zoom in.

A filtered search engine will give the user the advantage of searching a specific job area to see what is available.

“[The website is] more personalized for the students and catering to the students so their needs are met,” Baer said. “We are hoping more students and employers will use Griffons4Hire.”

One concern that the career center kept in mind was the students who have their information already in the site having to re-enter their resume and other files. Students information should still be on the website since the update.

Sai Tharun Kumar Guttikonda is a graduate student attending Missouri Western. Guttikonda and has a few concerns of his own.

Guttikonda said having the Career Center post a tutorial to show how to access the website with step by step instructions would help him and potentially other students who may have trouble understanding the website.

The Career Center will be hosting a training session for students to get to know the new features on the website. Reservations can be made Monday through Friday.

Administrative Assistant Jean Foster said the website will now be easier to use for those who will be graduating.

“This is especially for the graduating students who want to broaden their horizons globally.” Foster said.