Greek Life is putting a focus on Unity amongst members

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The Greek Life of Missouri Western is working to unify all the Greeks together with community activities such as sports, fundraising events and mixers.

The Inter-Fraternal Council, National Panhellenic Council and National Pan-Hellenic Council are working to unify Greek life better on Missouri Western campus are trying to unify all the fraternities and sororities on campus together through community building events such as Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority’s Float a Thon in the fall of 2017 or Sigma Sigma Sigma’s Tri-Sigma Foundation, which includes an umbrella over the Robbie Page Memorial, Greek Week and intramural sports.

Having Greek unity on campus helps organizations out in a variety of different ways. One reason for the unity amongst Greek Life is to encourage growth among organizations, according to Sigma Sigma Sigma President Savannah Vulgamott.

“I think that having different organizations that are related through Greek life is really important because without other sororities we can’t keep growing,” Vulgamott said. “it’s hard to keep growing without other sororities. Same with having the fraternities uniting and having fun events with other fraternities, is what we look forward to having mixers and social events together is fun.”

By unifying Greek Life better this also means that it can appeal better to the public. Potential new members (PNMs) could be more attracted to Greek Life knowing that all the Greek organizations are just like one big happy family.

Unity amongst Greeks could bring more PNMs and change the perspective of students that are hung up on the Greek Life stereotype.

Alpha Sigma Phi President Ben Allen said “Greek unity should be a family reunion, so everyone comes together and shows everyone on campus what it’s like to be apart of Greek Life. Show them that it’s more than a stereotype that they see on Animal House.”

Alpha Sigma Alpha President Samantha Bullock said that Greek Life would be great for students but Missouri Western should have a better presence of unity amongst the Greeks.

“I think that [unity is] an important part of the Greek experience and especially here at Missouri Western,” Bullock said.