CAS gives study tips for college success

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Schools are very effective at providing information, but often poor at translating this information into something students can understand. However, there is no effective way for a teacher to perfectly transfer every detail of a lesson into students’ heads. For this reason, teachers often assign the task of studying for homework.

Director of the Center Academic Support, Susan Garrison, believes that time management for students is important and should be taken seriously.

“The first tip is to manage time wisely,” said Garrison. “Make sure you are using a planner and I don’t care if it is a planner you write in or if it is a planner on your phone but just make sure you have your time scheduled wisely; that’s a huge thing.”

Planning out your schedule often gets you started, it can give you a shove in the right direction. Having good time management skills avoids the stress of forgetting and trying to meet a deadline. When it is time for you to study, you can make a list of what you need to accomplish in that study time. The CAS offers time management workshops on campus and it is open to everybody on campus. It is through the SAC anyone who attends the workshop gets a free planner and flash drive.

Another important ingredient to creating good study habits is utilizing your resources. The CAS offers math, writing and content tutors for any other class. They offer supplemental instruction. Most of these student tutors have already taken these classes and professors so they can help a student figure out what is most important to study.

“Utilize the resources on campus,” Garrison said. “Even though it is easy and right there, don’t study on your bed because your brain associates your bed with sleep so it is really easy to fall asleep when studying on your bed.”

The CAS offers handouts on test anxiety, multiple ways to take notes, different test strategies, how to set priorities and scheduling time. They offer tutors who will sit down and go over those handouts with students to help create better study habits. Knowing there are strategies out there to help people can be helpful for students.

Freshman at Western Kara Brown balances having a full-time job and a heavy class schedule. Brown believes that maintaining a job and studying for classes can be stressful. She advises students to look over assignments early.

“The advice I would give people is to start studying the week before a test instead of cramming it in later and look at the notes online and look at the teacher’s notes,” Brown said. “Also look at assignments because that is usually where professors get their questions for tests and quizzes.”

Having a set study schedule helps your brain learn the material. If you study your notes for a class for about 20 minutes each night, you are reviewing the information and understanding it more and more. Studying can be incredibly difficult if you don’t have a system. You must ultimately find the most effective ways to study and stick to them.