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Associate professor elected vice president of NCA Departmental News 

Associate professor elected vice president of NCA

Associate Communications Professor David McMahan recently elected to be the Second Vice President of the National Communication Association and has aspirations to become the president of the organization. McMahan will continue to teach at Missouri Western while acting as vice president. 

The NCA is the world’s largest communication association. The NCA has 11 academic journals, host annual conventions and a number of other events each year. As second vice president of NCA, McMahan will serve on the legislative assembly and take part in the meetings of the executive committee. McMahan would also be taking on a higher leadership role as well.

McMahan was glad to accept this position and plans continue to climb up the NCA ladder until he is president of the association. 

One of the reasons McMahan wanted to become second vice president was because he wanted to create change. 

“It was mainly due to my desire for service,” McMahan said. “I wanted to engage in service for the discipline just to try to make it better.”

McMahan had been thinking about applying for the position for a long time and he was influenced by his mentor.

“It was an early goal of mine from my mentor who was president of the association years ago and I followed what he was able to do and the good he was able to bring to the association,” McMahan said. “[His influence on the association] stuck with me and I wanted to do it ever since.”

As second vice president McMahan will be a voting member on the legislative assembly and will eventually preside over its meetings as president of the association.

The legislative assembly is a policy-making and approving the board of the association. It looks at reports, votes on budgets and debated policies brought forth by the executive committee.

The Executive Committee is the major governing body of the association. Policies of the association are administered by the group and are where a majority of the work takes place.

McMahan’s previous experience with first working with the Central States Communication Association which is the largest regional association in the United States. McMahan was president of the association and during his time there he was advised to run for president of NCA.

Chairman of the department of Communications and Journalism Robert Nulph said McMahan was leader material.

“I think he has been a leader all along for a number of years,” Nulph said. “He has a good reputation. His professionalism and standing in the academic committee, especially with communication professors and his work in the communication field, makes his qualified for this position.”

The vice president status also benefits the Department of Communications and Journalism.

“With him will go the name of Missouri Western State University,” Nulph said. “Also, of course the Department of communication and journalism. That is a huge for public relations, and just in general an academic honor to the university.”

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