Annette Weeks featured in Ingram’s list

Institutional News

Director of Center of Entrepreneurship Annette Weeks, was chosen to be on Ingram’s “50 Missourians You Should Know 2018” list. Ingram’s is a business magazine based in Kansas City and Week said she’s honored to have made the list.

“It was a tremendous honor to be included in Ingram’s ’50 People to Know,’ especially when I got to looking at the others included in the list,” Weeks said.  “It’s a very impressive list.”

The “50 Missourians You Should Know” list highlights candidates from all over the state who are making significant impacts on their communities. Ingram’s has been creating the list since 2011 and has nominated 400 people since its start.

Dennis Boone, a journalist for the Ingram Publication, has been a part of the selection process of the list since the beginning. Boone and his committee’s goal is to recognize worthy people.

“The real goal here is to recognize people who are making a great impact and dealing with people of business background, K-12 schools, nonprofit organizations, sports or just a slice of the life of high achievers,” Boone said. “People with interesting stories to tell and hold up the superior achievement; once you’re in it you’re in it for life.” 

Weeks found out that she was on the “50 Missourians You Should Know” list when the publication called to inform her that she had been nominated by a past candidate and they would like an interview with her. Boone said this is also how they find nominees for the list.

“Each year the people who have been previously recognized grows by 50 or more. We go and ask any of the nominees from past nominations to nominate one or two candidates they think is driven to help their community,” Boone said.

Weeks said she feels honored to have been chosen. She was the only person of St. Joseph to have made the list that includes people from many larger metropolitan areas.

“It makes it even more of an honor that I was chosen as one of the women to know in Missouri and that they chose someone from a more rural community setting,” Weeks said. “I was very pleased to represent [Missouri Western] and lift up the efforts of what we are doing here at our university.”