Student weighs in on the state of America

Campus Voice Opinion

Submitted by Josh Shorba

The condition of American society can be summed up in two words. Double standards.

We had a president named Obama who ordered tens of thousands of bombings all over the Middle East, who blocked refugees from Cuba and Iraq, who deported more illegal immigrants than any other president in history, drove up the poverty of the African American community and their dependence on food stamps and government checks, and somehow after all of that is not considered a racist. Driving us into more debt than all 43 presidents before him combined, threatening an unconstitutional penalty on those who didn’t buy forced health insurance, driving the housing market into the ground at Great Depression levels, wasting money that could have been spent paving the road for a better America.

Not to mention he, Obama, goes on to endorse a candidate named Hillary Clinton who called black children super predators, a woman who was friends with Robert Byrd, a former KKK activist who referred to black people as race mongrels and the “n” word. Public service to her entailed the death of 4 American soldiers in Benghazi while she slept through 600 emails, the loss of $600 billion dollars as secretary of state, arming terrorist rebels in Libya for campaign donations, colluding with Russia and allegedly giving them 20% of our uranium in return for money to her foundation from 9 Russian officials. Not to mention she lied to the FBI not 1, but 39 times, about classified information that she allowed to be delivered overseas to foreign agencies that contained vital top secret information from our government. Last time I checked, that constitutes treason and time in federal prison. But we are preached to by our professors that that is the kind of person that belongs in office! Someone who cheats her way to being nominated. Someone who changes her stance for votes due to changing public opinion. She used to be for a wall.

Her husband literally said the same things concerning illegal immigrants as President Trump has. But Bill isn’t a racist! Bill talked about them riding off of American taxpayers and disobeying our laws and demanding housing, healthcare and education from us. If we went to Mexico and did that as non-citizens, the consequences would be severe! We are better than this to throw someone in office like Hillary or Obama who thinks they are above the law. It’s not hard to trump that kind of a performance.