SGA voted to shut itself down on Jan 29 due to concerns about the current balance of power between SGA and administration.

After the reports of Student Governor Joseph Kellogg and Director of Finance Tucker McCoy, Vice President Reece Christensen motioned for the immediate adjournment of Monday’s meeting, which passed.

“We want more autonomy for the SGA,” Christensen said. “Right now we’re under the thumb of the administration. We don’t do anything unless they okay it.”

Christensen is concerned that the administration holds unchecked power over SGA.

“The issue that we’re running into is that there are no checks on administration whatsoever,” Christensen said. “There are actually checks that the administration imposes [on us] that are not outlined in our constitution or bylaws anywhere.”

According to Christensen, SGA has attempted to resolve these concerns before, but to no avail.

“We’ve addressed these issues before,” Christensen said, “and we’ve gotten some kickback from the administration saying ‘hey, we understand,’ but then again, their reasoning comes down to ‘you’re students.’”

In a press release issued after the meeting, SGA states that it has “not received adequate support on recent projects” from administration. Specifically cited are a proposed free public posting board and the implementation of the SGA judicial branch.

President Kyle Fuson says that SGA plans to maximize its ability to voice student concerns.

“Our most immediate goal is to ensure that students’ voices are heard, ultimately, and that SGA is functioning at the extent of its capacity,” Fuson said. “[So] we’re able to voice students’ concerns and implement the changes necessary to benefit all students and Missouri Western as a whole without administrators impeding on the process.”

Senator Nick Hanlan abstained. Senators Myia Kelly, Asya Beasley, Emily Walkup and Mallory Saladen opposed. All other senators present voted in favor. Saladen is concerned about how administration will respond to the shut down.

“I think that we could go about this in a different manner, more respectfully toward administration,” Saladen said. “I think we could have started with a resolution, or something down that pathway versus something so extreme to begin with. I think they would respond better if it was not so extreme.”

SGA has not set a time table for reopening and will be working with administration to resolve the issues brought forth in the press release and in the shut down.