Meet the World helps students make friends

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By Nikki Groom

Connecting with people of different cultures, developing new friendships and human bingo was the focus of the International Student Services Meet The World. The event was held in Blum on January 25 and around 40 students attended.

 Meet the World acted like a speed meeting event and had a game element to it, like bingo, but instead of calling numbers they used attributes, such as “who is from New Zealand?”

In addition to the speed meeting, they also served international food such as tamales and tres leche cake.

Students from many different countries attended the event including India, Nigeria, Nepal, China, Sweden, France, Congo and Mozambique to name a few. 

The American students sat across from the International students during the speed meeting and after talking for two minutes the American students would move to the chair and talk to the next student across from them.

Fumi Cheever, assistant director of the ISS, hosted the event and stated its purpose is to connect people.

“This event will be for people to meet each other and get to know a little bit [about them] so it’s kind of like a booster for the students to meet new people,” Cheever said.

Ana Maldonado, an international student from Honduras, attended the event.

“My favorite part of this event is the pages they give you to find people [like bingo],” Maldonado said. “I like this event, because I can meet different people, but also because when the new students arrive here we are able to meet them and befriend them and then we can see what the school has for us.”

Nick Reznick, an American student, has attended this event before, gained friends from the event and enjoyed going down the speed line.

“It’s a different way of doing things, it’s kind of like musical chairs,” Reznick said.

This event gives students and teachers the ability to meet people from different cultures. American student Zoie Reynolds enjoyed the event.

“I loved having the opportunity to meet people and learn about their cultures,” Reynolds said.

Annmarie Martens, an international student from Sweden, found Meet the World useful.

“It’s not easy finding people with the same interests as me and these events are really helpful with that,” Martens said. “When the speed meeting took place, many people talked about marriage, places they would like to go, and their jobs and classmates.”