Dishing it out with Derek: Good publicity

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Missouri Western securing the Kansas City Chiefs for another year of training camp, and this is the best thing this school has done in a long while.

With only a few select sports for Western to hang its hat on, there isn’t much to attract outsiders to St. Joseph, Missouri. Well, unless they want to see the abundance of restaurants there is on the Belt Highway. Or maybe they want to see how awesome our huge scoreboard is…when it isn’t malfunctioning or cutting out. Maybe visitors will come to see the new pavilion that’s currently being built, well at least those who care. Seriously, can Western get a track for the brand new track and field team that is trying to legitimize itself as an actual team?

Anywho, kudos to Western for sealing the deal with the Chiefs, who more than likely had other options on the table. Being the successful NFL team that they are (yeah, I said it), the Chiefs living and training in St. Joseph brings a great amount of attraction and good publicity to a city that desperately needs it.

Speaking on my own behalf and a few other of my colleagues, the Chiefs training at Western is the reason I chose this school to begin with. The reason being is that there is a possibility of obtaining an internship with them would be a step in the right direction for a sports journalist such as myself. Living in St. Joseph has given me so many great different opportunities, such as becoming a sports writer for News-Press NOW. I mean there was the possibility of going to Northwest and cheering on a championship program, but nah, I want to write and talk about sports. Plus the sports programs here have grown on me, believe it or not.

The point is, the Chiefs being town gives people a reason to visit St. Joseph, and once they’re here long enough, people will start to explore the city and find opportunities of their own. If not opportunities, anyone is bound to find something that they enjoy or want more of.

Just think if Northwest had gotten to the Chiefs to attend their campus for training camp. It’d just be another subject for them to gloat about. But no, Western has the NFL team training at their campus who occasionally leave authentic cleats in the dorm rooms. You may have championships and semi-great parties Maryville, but the Chiefs train at Western, a place Chief’s radiocaster Mitch Holthus says has great facilities. Yeah he said it. You can ask Athletic Director Josh Looney.

Looney sums up the Chiefs training at Western perfectly actually. “It’s great publicity.”