BARC development ahead of schedule

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Soon students will have a 24-hour homework and group project room on the second floor of the Blum Student Union.

The Blum Academic Resource Center [BARC] will take the place of the computer lab on the second floor and will offer a TV to allow students to connect laptops and other devices. The BARC will be open by the end of January or February.

The computer lab in Blum was removed over the summer due to a lack of use, but Shana Meyer, vice president for student affairs, wanted to make sure students could use the area.

“We see students studying throughout this building and we thought it might be nice to have a little corner of this space where it’s casual, you can lounge in there but at the same time you can do some group projects and just drop in without having to reserve a space,” Meyer said.

Jessica Frogge, administrative coordinator with the Student Government Association, said there is a need for a meeting space for students in Blum.

“A lot of times in the lobby of Blum, we’ll have student organizations sit on the floor and have their meeting whereas this will give them an area so that they aren’t out in the hallway constantly being interrupted,” Frogge said.

One idea for the BARC is to have laptops available for use. This would depend on the amount of student use in the resource center.

According to Jerry Gentry, director of the physical plant, the original date of completion would have been late February, but since supplies have arrived early than expected the BARC may be finished ahead of schedule. The Blum Union Student Success Act contributed $15,441 towards the BARC.