Western Wins First MIAA Game This Year

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Missouri Western men’s basketball beat Northeastern State University 70-66 on Saturday, Dec. 2.

The home game was Western’s first MIAA matchup this season. Junior Bryan Hudson weighs in on what he thinks of this win.

“We have our strength in numbers, its what we run by; we have a lot of people that start off on the bench so our bench comes off, our bench is energized and that pick up when you go into the game and we feed off energy, there’s a lot of ups and downs but we feed off each other,” Hudson said. “I feel like sometimes the defense was trying to get us scattered a lot, trying to speed us up and I feel like we fell into that a little bit instead of just keeping pace and staying composed like we usually do. There’s no pressure just keep on playing, I just feel like we picked it up a little bit and we definitely need to work on limiting out turnovers.”

Senior Cole Clearman commented on his thoughts as well.

“I thought there was ups and downs of the game but overall, we got a little spread out at the start of the second half,” Clearman said. “I mean overall I thought we stayed together. I thought the bench was good all night and I thought we made winning plays all night and as we kept going down the stretch west made a couple big free throws, overall, we played pretty well and it shows by that W column. I thought they spread us out a little bit by hitting a few shots early in the second half, they hit a few in the first half but we still didn’t get out of what we were doing now once the ten minute mark hit I think we saw a stab. We definitely knocked down their field goal percentage way down so from then on we came back together, and realized that those shots weren’t going to hurt us even if they hit those tough ones.”

Head coach Brett Weiberg felt good about the team’s practicing going into this Saturday’s game.

“We had a good week of practice, I felt like we did some very good things on Thursday and so the old saying you play as you practice,” Weiberg said. “I feel like we played solid basketball this week and it’s one of the reasons we played so good is because we had such a good week of practice so I’m proud of these kids, I love these kids. We got better this week and all we’re trying to do is get better next week. The highlight for me is that it was a total team effort tonight.”