Unapproved signs posted around campus


Over the last two week, unapproved signs have appeared around campus.

Vice President for Student Affairs Shana Meyer said that the content has varied.

“Most seem to be policy driven, but don’t have any specific information about events or anything to follow up on,” Meyer said. “They don’t meet our posting policy so when the signs have been seen, we’ve removed them.”

The signs are not stamped nor are they being posted by an RSO.

“As far as I know it’s not being sponsored by a recognized student organization or a department on campus,” Meyer said. “And it hasn’t been stamped or approved by the CSI to be on the boards.”

Public relations student Drew Maxwell felt that the signs were factual.

“Honestly I do not like or dislike the message,” Maxwell said. “For me it’s just a statement of fact.”

“When someone enters the country illegally they are breaking the law, making them a criminal,” Maxwell said. “This does not mean they are bad people.”

Religion and history student Leo Grantham is concerned that the signs ostracize international students.

“It can be damaging considering we have students on this campus who aren’t American citizens or are first generations,” Grantham said. “Education spaces should be a sanctuary for security and learning.”