SGA seeks student input on app demonstration

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SGA is looking for student feedback on a mobile app dealing with student organizations on campus.
A mobile app demonstration will be held in the Junior College Room in upstairs Blum at 1 p. m. on Friday, Dec. 1.
SGA Administrative Coordinator Jessica Frogge said that over the past several months, student government has been exploring different apps dealing with a comprehensive campus experience but has now scaled that search back to focus on student organizations.
“SGA has been looking at an app for quite a while now, but the university is changing the website which is going to give students a lot of what we [SGA] were going to be paying for,” Frogge said. “We’re going to look at whether it’s more cost-effective to just do that RSO-and-student-organization piece of an app.”
SGA will begin by looking at the MobileUp app as one way of helping connect students with student organizations. According to Frogge, the student organization portion of the MobileUp app would allow organization members to chat easily with each other and could also connect with social media. One of the benefits of MobileUp is that it is already being used on campus, Frogge said.
“Admissions already uses MobileUp,” Frogge said. “So, at Griffon orientation, they have checklists and stuff that they use and that’s why we’re looking at MobileUp first because students are already downloading that at Griffon orientation. Instead of getting them to download another app, we’re looking at MobileUp first.”
Interested students are encouraged to attend and make their voices heard.
“We need students there and it’s a good time to provide feedback,” Frogge said.