SGA appoints eight associate justices, two spots remain

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SGA approved eight justices to sit on its recently developed judicial branch.
SGA senate passed a bill on Monday night appointing Mazzie Boyd, Jashira Bolden, Dexter Carmichael, Rachel Gonzalez, Leo Grantham, James Mcquerrey, Cameron Price and Eugenia Wallance as justices.
The legislation had been tabled at the last SGA meeting on Nov. 13 due to a lack of bylaws regarding the judicial branch. While the judicial branch bylaws still have not been implemented, a draft of possible changes was circulated at Monday night’s meeting. Any possible formal bylaw changes would have to first be approved by the SGA senate and then approved by the Missouri Western student body as a whole. That is expected to occur in the spring semester.
The newly-appointed justices join Chief Justice Allen Irving to sit on the student court. Allen said the branch will work to familiarize themselves with SGA’s governing documents and other responsibilities.
“Basically, we’re going to be going through the bylaws and constitution and familiarizing ourselves and making sure there aren’t any discrepancies with things like SGA elections,” Irving said. “Whenever there are campus grievances, like problems on campus, we’re going to sit down and have a hearing and come to a decision.”
While eight justices were appointed at Monday night’s meeting, two more spots remain open, Irving said.
“I originally did have ten justices, but two of them dropped because they wanted to be on the legislative branch, which is completely understandable,” Irving said. “We’re going to advertise a little bit more to get two more and we’re going to go through the same process of interview, see if they meet the requirements and approve them.”
Irving said that students interested in becoming justices need to be full-time students, have a 2.25 GPA and should contact him.
“It’s kind of tough right now, but we’re building right now,” Irving said. “It’s going to be great. We’ve got some great things in store for us.”