Jigsaw started like all of the other SAW movies, however even being the eighth movie in the series, it still left you questioning.

My friends and I decided to go on Friday night to see the new movie, Jigsaw. Normally people go see a comedy or adventure movie but after seeing all of the SAW movies, it was mandatory that I went to this one.

My favorite part of this whole movie was the fact that it was a thriller and didn’t focus on “scaring the audience” but more so the anticipating steps that came after the fact. Overall, it was a good movie adding some laughter parts at times but the whole time, I was focused on the screen and didn’t want to move because I was so zoned.

The beginning of the movie brought everyone staring at a runner when she just left her house, then it jumps straight to the point when you see “bucket head”, a man who has a bucket around his head with a chain attached, hanging from a bridge, dead.

It then takes you to the start of John Kramer’s game to a room when the players wake up confused (like always) and they try to find their way out. The movie was all about puzzle pieces and of course, blood and gore.

John Kramer starts off by making people give blood to get loose from the saw and chains. One woman manages to figure it out and warns the others, but like always one doesn’t survive.

The next test puts some stress and some air gasping in front of you when you realize what is going to happen if they don’t follow the rules.

You find out that one of the “players” in the game were chosen because they had an altercation with John Kramer’s nephew. This is obviously revenge but on a side note, what did everyone else have to do with Kramer??

One of the players even actually gets a slip to get out but they get caught and are stuck in the final game. However, after the ending and killing of one of the two final players, you get distracted because of the detectives.

The detectives were trying to figure out the plot line but it doesn’t give you too many details until the very end. However, jigsaw’s blood and body were both being used. John Kramer had supposedly died but he comes back into the story for this movie.

They go to investigate because there is no way this can be Jigsaw because he is dead, however they go to his grave and pull his casket out and he isn’t there, but someone else is. They also realize that one of their own has an obsession with Kramer which leads them to believe they are a copycat killer.

Two forensic pathologists work together to solve the situation at hand and go to solve the game in the middle of a forest. When they get there, they start walking through the game and see all of the people that have failed at Kramer’s game.

They finally get to the very end of the game and take on Kramer’s game as their own, in a way. Still leaving people questioning the existence of everyone else which is normal for these types of movies. Shortly after the game is wanting to wrap up, we figure out what is going on leaving everyone in the movie theaters flabbergasted.

In the final couple minutes of the new SAW, it really throws a major plot twist in there that you’d never expect. It takes a little time to reflect back on everything that happened to make sense of it all. The end completely throws you off the track because a trusted friend becomes an enemy.

After the end and my reflection overall, I give the movie 3.5 puzzle pieces out of 5. It was good and kept me entertained and I enjoyed it but the end left me very confused as to what happened throughout the movie. My friends had to recap the story and explain it to me because I was so befuddled.

It was a good movie and I could definitely see there being another movie to correlate what happened in this one. Even though John Kramer, or Jigsaw is dead, his legacy isn’t.