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Jerry Page: The man behind the suit

Jerry Edward Page is a student that you’ve probably seen walking around campus but maybe didn’t have the courage to talk to. If you saw him, you would recognize him by his fashion style, which consists of bold-colored suits paired with a durag and gold jewelry.

Facts about Page:

History major with a concentration in education – wants to be a museum curator “I just really like history and I think being in a museum that’s not like a class, It’’s small and it’s just talking to people and I can just throw out useless information and it can be just fine,” Page said. Post revolutionary war and pre-civil war are his favorites, he was interested in WW2 and the Vietnam War.

Has aspirations to move to Philadelphia because of the city’s history.

From Missouri

18 credit hours this semester. He is usually on campus from 7:30 a.m to  6:30 p.m

“I know people who go longer, but that’s not for me,” He would take more credit hours if he could.

When he does have free time, he watches Netflix, watch the movies, antique shops, plays basketball and football. History research. WW1 documents at an antique shop, dog tags. Gets steamer trunks filled with clothing, toys from 1800’s. Paid $10.

Gets jewlery from Zales, Kay’s, the mall. Likes gold with diamonds.

“R. Kelly in the late 90’s early 2000’s. He would dress in suits and   

Went to high school in Savannah. Back when he didn’t own a car he would walk to Khol’s on the North Belt from his home in Savannah.

‘I have done it a few times. One time I did it from the edge of Savannah to Edmond Street in St. Joe. I wasn’t alone, but usually I don’t go that far. [The farthest] is usually North Belt Walmart is where I stop and I don’t go any farther,”

It would take him around two and a half hours to walk to town. So why would he make the long walk? Necessity and boredom.

“I felt like it. I didn’t have a car, so I might as well walk and Savannah is boring so I decided I’d rather not be stuck in Savannah in my free time when I can just go to St. Joe,” Page said.

He now has a car and doesn’t have to walk to work. “I always found actions from the past and how it affects today–I’ve always been interested in that. I look at today and I kind of wonder how that’s going to affect the near future,”

“Suit everyday. Durag, it just depends. I usually wear it once in awhile when my hair starts getting longer, but I mostly wear the durag with the suits.”

‘When I graduated high school, the summer of  2014.That’s when I kind of got started to dress up nicer and do the full out suits,”

His fashion style is inspired by his love for history and his love for rap.

“Little bit was that with the 1940’s and the mobsters– some of them dress pretty well. I was like, ‘I want to dress like that but not do what they did,’”

“And it’s an ego thing too. I always want to dress up and I’m dressing well, looking good, it’s part of it as well,”

The durag started in elementary. “I had a group of friends, they were black and they were my best friends. I lived in St. Joe at the time. It wasn’t the ideal place to live but I kind of got into a custom and they were like, ‘hey you need a durag’. My mom thought it was the greatest thing and so we got a durag soon afterwards and that’s how that started. I never stopped wearing the durag,”

Four different jackets, many different types of suit pants, and a lot of dress shirts. The different combinations I count as different suits, like a simple black and white, I got stripped, different solid colors. I count the different combinations like that. I count at least 15 different combinations. The durags I just have two. Thinking about adding on to that. I have one that matches with my red jacket.

“I do have a theme suit which is a flamingo suit. It has flamingos and palm trees on it, it looks like something you’d wear in summer. I don’t know why I decided to buy one,”

“When do you wear that?”

“Rarely. It is hard to come up with my type of style with it.”

“I’ve been told my white suit is unusual, too,” “But I’m like, ‘I don’t see it being unusual, it’s a solid color, it’s fine,’” Page said.

He wears that suit when he has time to be extra careful to avoid stains.

“It depends on what suit it is. Some of them can be machine washable, those are the easiest. Some of them, of course, need to be dry cleaned and it’s a different material. Sometimes it gets kind of difficult. What I always use is a suitbrush and a lintroller to pick up what I have to keep it pretty clean,” “But if I , unfourunately, get a spill on something, I go straight to the dry cleaners,”

He’s looking for a favorite dry cleaner right now.

“It depends on what I’m doing. Most of the time it’s a suit. If I’m working, I work at Khol’s, I work on truck so I won’t wear the suit while I’m unloading truck. If I have nothing to do I will wear whatever. If I go out of the house I will wear something eye catching like a suit,” “I do wear a suit everyday I go to class here that varies. Sometimes it’s Monday through Friday, sometimes depending on my schedule, like this semester it’s Monday, Wednesday Friday I’m guaranteed to wear a suit, but when I’m working it’s kind of up in the air.”

For some people, wearing a suit is dressing up. For Jerry Edward Page, it’s just an ordinary day.

“It just became my normal day, my normal thing now. With my ego and looking good– I do have a huge ego so I like to think, ‘oh yeah, I dress up better than a lot of these people’– I don’t tend to mean it, because it just comes naturally like, ‘oh I’m just wearing the suit’”. “

“Once a week. I think people have gotten used to that  I wear a suit, but someone will come up and ask me why and I’ll tell them I don’t have a good reason, it just comes natural to me I just do it.”

Page will get people randomly coming up to him just to give him a high five because of the way he dresses. He would dress in suits and durags and I would do the same thing. I would add a fedora to my durag, too. Tip it to the side like, ‘look I’m R. Kelly now’ and everybody would crack up, especially my friends. “You look like R. Kelly, you just really do, just white’ and I’d be like yeah that’s what I do”

“He got me interested in it a little bit, I could say that”.

He likes rap, hip hop and country.Kendrick Lamar, Ludacris. NWA, older 90’s rap. ICE T. ICE Cube. Childish Gambino – Me and Your Mama. his favorite artist currently. 3005

White suit, maroon shirt black tie is his favorite. “You don’t see that often,”

“Feel free to say hi. Because I always hear people [say], ‘oh yeah, I heard so and so say this about you.’ some of them do. A friend of mine will come up to me and be like, ‘a lot of people were talking about you,” “They talk about you in the suit and the durag’, and I’m like ‘I don’t know who they are, but tell them to say hi,”

“Why do you wear the suit? What’s the occasion?” people will ask him. His response usually is something to the extent of, “It’s just for a while,”

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