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Hundreds participate in annual Walk for the Homeless Unfiled 

Hundreds participate in annual Walk for the Homeless

The cold weather did not stop the hundreds of people participating in  the sixth annual Walk for the Homeless on November 3rd. They walked the downtown streets of St. Joseph on Friday to help raise money for the homeless.

Missouri Western student Tyler Ford said that the project started with the Social Welfare Board.

“The Social Welfare Board is how it got started and contacted their community partners,” Ford said.

The funds raised go directly to the Social Welfare Board to help the homeless get back on their feet.

“We just continue partnership with them each year to try and get them some funds to help with transportation, to help with job interview training and to help the homeless get jobs skills and provide for themselves,” Ford said.

Among the homeless are Jessica and Kevin Lunn and their two children. The family had been living in their white four-door vehicle behind South Belt K-Mart before meeting Constance Bowman.

“I met them at B&J Skate Center for a school activity and we just started talking about her youngest girl,” Bowman said.

The Lunns’ now nine-year-old girl was accidentally shot in the face last year by a sixteen-year-old girl while hanging out with friends and now wears a glass eye.

“She just came right out and told me they were homeless. All the medical bills had taken everything they had,” Bowman explained. “I felt sad. Something in my head told me because I had the extra space.”

Bowman cleaned out the spare bedroom and the family moved in what little they had.

Jessica Lunn was thankful for Bowman’s hospitality to her and her family.

“We don’t have much but we are still together,” Lunn said. “I’m thankful she gave us a safe warm place to stay and better food we can eat.”

Hunger is a widespread problem around the world with 42 million Americans or 1 in 5 children going hungry. 795 million people around the world do not have enough to eat. 

You can keep up with the walk and how to help on their social media sites.

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