Assault charges filed against Western student

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Missouri Western student Samuel J. Browning of Liberty, Missouri, has been charged with assault in the 4th degree of a special victim.

The charge, filed on Nov. 6, lists Oct. 9 as the day of the assault. An arrest warrant was issued by the Buchanan County prosecutor’s office Nov. 7.  Missouri Western police is listed as the arresting agency.

The date of the alleged assault matches a reported incident of sexual misconduct in the first degree the Griffon News previously reported in the Oct. 26 issue. The incident report issued by campus police lists Juda Hall as the location and the incident type as a sex crime. It is the only reported incident that occurred on Oct. 9.

According to the website, Browning’s charge is pursuant to subdivisions (3) and (6) of 565.056 under Missouri Revised Statutes. The Missouri Revised Statutes state that “A person commits the offense of assault in the fourth degree if: (3) The person purposely places another person in apprehension of immediate physical injury; (6) The person knowingly causes physical contact with another person knowing the other person will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.”

Because the charge mentions a special victim, the alleged crime would be classified as a class A misdemeanor. The report does not specify which of the 11 categories of “special victim” outlined in the statute apply in this case? The original incident report by campus police indicated the alleged assault to be drug-induced.

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