SGA Senator submits complaints, suggests President should step down

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In the open discussion portion of Monday night’s SGA meeting, one of the senate’s newer senators presented a list of proposed motions to SGA members and the gallery.

Senator Jonathan “AJ Billions” Aldridge submitted a document with 15 points of proposed action. These points were labeled as motions and were described on the document as coming from “many MWSU students and administration [who] feel senators are acting immature and running SGA like a high school club.” At the time of writing, Aldridge did not respond to a request for a statement and it is unclear how many students share this sentiment.

The document covered a wide range of issues, but several are focused on SGA’s Executive Board, namely the SGA President. For instance, the document specifically motions for President Kyle Fuson to address a number of issues, including presenting a detailed plan for his administration for the semester, describing more detailed president’s reports at weekly meetings and planning events such as a “MWSU spirit plan” for increasing school spirit.

The document’s fourth motion states that unless the SGA president becomes “more authoritative” and starts leading meetings instead of vice president, the president should step down. This push for the president to head SGA meetings, however, is in conflict with the SGA Constitution which states “The SGA Executive Vice President shall be the second ranking chief Executive Board member and the presiding officer over the SGA Senate.”

The list also seems to question the SGA budget. It asks for weekly updated budgets and a renegotiated transit deal with the city of St. Joseph with extended hours.

Some miscellaneous items include making the library open 24 hours a day, more SGA leadership building activities and the disbanding of the Homecoming Committee, which is a permanent standing committee.

SGA President Kyle Fuson said some of the motions presented should be discussed.

“After reading them, I believe there are some points that need to be addressed,” Fuson said. “I think prior to that the next meeting, we’re going to try to arrange a meeting with Senator Aldridge to discuss these and work them out and figure out what his stances are on them. Also next week, we’re hoping to present the bylaws to our new senators so they understand SGA and the whole process of how the whole thing operates.”

Vice President for Student Affairs Shana Meyer said that a range of voices, even those that dissent, should be heard in student government.

“I personally think that a voice of dissent is good,” Meyer said.  “You don’t want everyone in the same room with the same ideas and concepts. We want people in that room who represent all of our students and all of their new ideas and we want them to question things like our budget. While some of these things have been addressed, our newest senators probably don’t realize that, so this is a good reminder for us to share some of that information.”

None of the motions presented were acted upon. A motion to move to announcements was made before the document was discussed by SGA. It is uncertain whether any of these points will be brought up as formal legislation for consideration of the body.