Tunnel of Oppression seeks volunteers

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Once again the CME annual tunnel of oppression is looking for volunteers to help lead groups through the tunnel, sound effects and pictures, from October second through the nineteenth.

According to Director Latoya Fitzpatrick,  “We need people to be actors in the tunnel. We need people to lead tours through the tunnel We also need people to help set up the tunnel and take down. “

The CME is looking for all different types of volunteers. “We need volunteers to be passionate, patients takes time to put info up and also dedication.”

“We want people to be educated in what’s going on in the world around them, don’t get distracted about the stuff that doesn’t matter. We need to be listening to the the things that do matter.”

Program assistant Dianah Martatul Hidzir explains they will be adding more sections this year such as the wall of hope. “People look back at how these oppressive problems and how it can help.”

“Not a lot of people know about the oppressive facts thats that are happening around the world, news media, facebook tend to believe what the media says,” Hidzir says.

Talking to students around the campus it was learned not a lot of people have heard about the tunnel of oppression. “We have been handing out flyers since last semester, posters, link on the poster to help people volunteer to people set up take down. We also have a facebook page, instagram, twitter. This could help build up your resume when you are a freshman, put up good stand point in your college life and being able to volunteer is such a good program and would be a good start for you guys.”

This event is from October 9-12 and is  open to the public so bring your family and your friends.