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WAC to host Spring Concert with X Ambassadors and American Authors

This year, students attending the MWSU Spring Concert will be seeing a genre that the Western Activities Council has not covered in quite some time. Indie-alternative bands X Ambassadors and American Authors will be playing at the St. Joseph Civic Arena Saturday April 22.

Every fall, WAC and their executive board make a wish list of artists or bands they are interested in beginning as early as October. From there, they work to see who is touring who is also within their budget.

A lot of the work happens between a middle agent, so the students never contact any artists directly.

“It’s a lot of back and forth. [A] lot of logistics,” says Isaiah Collier Isaiah Collier,
assistant dean of Student Development.

The Western Activities Council must also work with the St Joseph Civic Arena to see when they have availability and confirm with the band if any of the available dates will work.

To promote the show, WAC has several tried and true methods to get the word out. Students appeared on KQ2’s Live at Five to help promote the show to the community. Another outlet that WAC utilizes each year are radio stations.

This year in particular, students may recall hearing about a contest on Kansas City alternative radio station, 96.5 The Buzz. Isaiah said that this kind of attention from radio stations is a huge help, because although WAC typically buys radio ads each year, giving away tickets to radio stations generates free publicity among a wider audience than could be reached any other way.

One other interesting tactic used this year was buying Facebook ads that reached out to anyone that was already following either of the bands.

“This is something different,” Collier said. “We got a lot of ticket sales just from that alone.”

Isaiah says that he is personally a huge fan of X Ambassadors.

“Even before they [WAC] started looking, I had that “Unsteady” song stuck in my head,” Collier said. “I just happened to see their video at a conference.”

Isaiah also noted that in a battle between which X Ambassadors single was his favorite, he preferred “Unsteady” over “Renegades.”

If students are still interested in buying tickets, they have until Thursday to purchase the tickets for the student discount of $7 in upstairs Blum 207. After Thursday, students will still be able to attend the concert but will have to pay the Ticketmaster price that community members pay at $35.

Students can also purchase a $42 VIP ticket, which includes meet and greet with the bands as well as dinner.


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