The Center for Student Involvement recently hosted a comedy show Wednesday April 5. It was held in Spratt Hall, room 101.

Comedy Central artist David Arnold was the main attraction at the show.  Arnold not only is a comedian, but he has also written for many comedy shows. His talents are endless.

His comedy performance ranged from the students’ lives to campus life and potential future goals for students.

Arnold’s main focus was to be very active with the audience. He communicated with each member during his performance, making them feel comfortable. He believes he left a great impact on the students.

“I hope each student had that euphoria of good feelings of having a good time,” Arnold said. “I hope they left with probably an unexpected feeling of fun, because people didn’t know me, and when you go to see a comedian you don’t know, you never know what’s going to happen.”

Isaiah Collier, the assistant Dean of Student Development, held a major role in bringing Arnold to Western. Collier speaks on what he believed the students anticipated prior to the comedy show.

“I believe they expected him to tell a couple of jokes and to have it not be so interactive, and I believe they left full of laughter and enjoying David’s performance,” Collier said.

The event was held in a theatre that had many Western students in attendance.  Maria Ponce was in the audience and held a conversation with Arnold.

“When he called me out I wasn’t going to answer. I was so close to leaving, but I’m glad I didn’t. He was really funny – I’m glad I came,” Ponce said.

Throughout the entire night, Arnold made the crowd enjoy themselves. Collier believes that this event helped the students in more ways than one.

“I just enjoy comedy shows, and I love to see students laugh and enjoy themselves after a long day of classes.  It’s something about laughter that truly lightens the soul,” said Collier.

Arnold plans on returning soon in hopes of performing for the students.

Although this event has recently passed, the CSI will be hosting another upcoming event. The next one will be on April 25. It will feature an artist from Wild-n-Out. There will be limited seating in Spratt 101.