Q & A with SGA President Alec Guy


Can you tell us about your role as the President, and what all that role entails?

As SGA President, we do a lot of different things. For example, we have senate meetings every Monday where we meet with our legislative branch and then kind of go through and propose bills and stuff like that. We have different committees that do different things. Also, another role as president is that you oversee the executive board, so we have multiple executive positions, such as the director of public relations, director of student involvement and those kinds of things. We have weekly meetings as well to kind of discuss what’s coming up in senate or what each of them are kind of doing in their position. So it’s kind of my job to make sure that they stay on task and work through everything. And then, I am a student representative, so I talk with students as much as I can, and then I meet with administration. I usually have monthly meetings with Dr. Vartabedian to talk about what’s important to students and those kinds of things as well.

What is some advice you would give the next SGA President?

I would say, honestly, just keep your ears open and try to be as representative as possible. That’s always been my main focus because I’m a political science major, so I really see how important government is. So I try to talk to students as much as possible – that way I understand and understand kind of their sentiments and feelings, and then I can transmit that and show that to [the] administration. I try and encourage everyone in SGA to say that and to do that as well. That would be my best advice.

What are some thoughts students should keep in mind when voting for their next president?

That’s a tough one. I think one would just be how friendly that person is. I think it’s extremely important to have someone in this position that you get along with and that you know and have seen around campus and have had previous relationships with. So I think that’s something else that’s really important that when I always look, you know when you look at candidates for whatever office and you think, “Oh well, does that person have my best interest at heart? Do I know that person? Can I have a good conversation with that person? Do I feel comfortable talking to them?”  So, that’s one piece of advice that I would definitely give.