Women take winning streak to 5 over weekend

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In St. Charles and Jefferson City, the Griffon women took their 3 game winning streak to 5 games as Western earned a 66-60 victory and 78-59 win against the schools, respectively. They now are tied for having the longest streak this season.

In their first game against Lindenwood, which took place Feb. 2, the Griffons were faced with a tough challenge in the form of the Lindenwood women’s basketball team. They managed a great second half, however, and ran to a 33-25 lead in that half to take the win.

“It was a productive weekend, both were challenging games,” said Rob Edmisson, head coach for the women’s basketball team. “Lindenwood has got quite the talent. We just grinded it out, didn’t play well at times, but we got the win.”

Throughout the game Western nabbed 19 turnovers for 26 points, which is significantly higher than Lindenwood’s 10 points off 12 turnovers. Rocky scoring back and forth saw nine ties, and seven of those gave way to a game leader change. Eventually, the Griffons saw a huge boost in points in the last 20 minutes of the game to win.

“We started making layups,” Edmisson said. “It was a career night, especially for Dewey. Finishing shots is where it matters the most when it comes to taking the lead back.”

Western shot 37.7% from the field goal perspective, and game leaders such as Chelsea Dewey, senior, Julia Torres, junior, and Dwanisha Tate, senior, held high standards in this game.

“I like their mindset, and I really like the people coming off the bench giving us 12-13-14 points,” Edmisson said. “It is a big week at home, and we’re excited. Every win is important.”

Torres had seven rebounds to round out a team high. She also put up 10 points. Dewey shot 8-16 and put up 22 points, ranging 50% shooting from the field goal line. Tate also saw to it 50% field goal shooting, putting up 12 points for the Griffons.

“We are 17-5, 5th spot of the league,” Edmisson said. “The good thing is our home record is the same as the road.”

The game in St. Charles was a great game, and the Griffons made sure to come out on top,  despite such a defying effort from Lindenwood. The women then made their way to Jefferson City with the utmost confidence to face off with Lincoln University. This game went really well for the women too, as they beat Lincoln in dominant fashion, final score coming out to be 78-59, thanks to a 13-2 FGM-FGA drive by the players in the third quarter. Most of the points were scored in the second and third quarters, and the huge lead was formed throughout the second quarter.

“We’ve made our statement,” Edmisson said. “Stringing together more game minutes is what we will be looking to do going forward. Consistency is key.”

Despite giving up 19 turnovers in exchange for only 17, the Griffons out-rebounded Lincoln with 44-28, and earned a proud 8 field goals made in a row at just under seven minutes left in the second half. This brought Western to a 22-21 lead on Lincoln going into the third quarter, a lead they would not lose again in the game.

Once again, some of the outstanding players in the game included Dwanisha Tate and Sefulu Faavae, seniors, and Erin Anderson, junior. Tate tied her last season high of points with 17. Faavae put up 13 points, the second most in the game, and shot over 50% off the field. She also had seven rebounds, her best this season. Anderson scored 11 points and shot exactly 50% from the field, also earning a career best of four assists.

“Our goal was to be relevant,” Edmisson said. “We have a chance to do something big. Emporia is the one that worries me the most. They are the darling of the league. Huge challenge going forward. Washburn is the most physical, and sometimes that bothers us a little bit. Once again, like I said, going forward, consistency is the key to our future success.”

Catch Missouri Western back at the Fieldhouse on Wednesday, Feb. 8 when they compete against Washburn at 5:30 p.m. Then come back Saturday, Feb. 11 as the team hosts Emporia State at 2:00 p.m.