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Meet the World

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, students gathered in Blum 218 to be part of Meet the World. Meet the World is an event in which participants “speed meet” international students and get the chance to speak with them about their home countries and culture. The event is orchestrated like speed dating. Students will sit in two rows of chairs facing each other. Every two minutes they will rotate so that they can speak to a new international student. At the end of the meetings, students are then allowed to exchange contact information so they can keep in touch with their new friends. The experience gives Western students a chance to visit a place all the way around the world without all the jetlag. “We have students that come from over 36 countries,” student Mariatul Dianah Hidzir said. “The event lets students learn about what countries the international students are from, what they major in and what brought them to Missouri Western.” Along with learning about the different countries and cultures, Meet the World familiarizes students with areas they may have questions about. It’s a way for students to open their minds to places that exist beyond our borders. “I want them to leave with an open mind. A hope to not only travel around the world, but also to have acceptance towards other people that are different from them or have different cultures, different beliefs,” student Deir Montiel Dominguez said. “It’s just a way for them to fully understand the correct reason instead of a biased reason they heard somewhere else.” With a new knowledge of different places and a first-hand experience learning about different cultures, students left the event with an open mind for visits in the future. Make sure to check out Meet the World next time you get a chance. You never know what kind of experience you’ll have.

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