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Macbeth Review

Missouri Western’s theatre department put on a great performance this weekend. Professor Tee Quillin directed William Shakespeare’s “Macbeth.” Students, family, faculty and friends gathered this weekend to watch the show.


Student Ariel Bertrand attended the Sunday matinee show.

“The actors and actresses did a great job!” Bertrand said. “They were very impressive and seemed confident in their roles. The second act was my favorite because there was a lot of action and everything seemed to come together really well. Shira Murphy did a great job as well, she definitely did the part of Macbeth justice.”


People in the audience also mentioned how the performers seemed to know their parts very well.


Raven Reed is an actress who played five different parts.

“We were lucky enough to get our scripts before Christmas break, so we had more time, which is nice because memorizing Shakespeare can be difficult. Memorizing my lines wasn’t as bad as I had been anticipating, but definitely still challenging.”


Raven Reed played the parts of Young Siward, Young Macduff, Doctor of psych, and Fleance. Raven said it was challenging learning five different roles and having to die three different times on stage.


Another actor, Antonio Daniels-Braziel played the parts of Lady Macbeth and Hecate.

 “I was extremely excited to perform for the 430 students coming from several different high schools,” Daniels-Braziel said. “I can’t wait to see their reactions to the gender neutral casting.”


Daniels-Braziel also mentioned that this role was probably one of the greatest he’s ever had the honor of playing, and that he’d like to thank Director Tee Quillin for this great opportunity.


Student Baylynd Porter attended the show last weekend.

“I really enjoyed the show! The second act was by far my favorite, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who hasn’t seen it to go and do so. The individual that played the role of Lady Macbeth did an outstanding job. I was surprised when I realized that a boy was playing that role. It ended up working out really well, I might end up going to see it again.”


The show was a great success. The audience seemed to really enjoy it. Director Tee Quillin did a great job, as well as all the cast members. If you haven’t seen the show, make sure you do so this upcoming weekend.

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