Big Policy Changes to come in Fall of 2017

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Missouri Western is adopting a few changes to the way things work on campus. Starting in the fall 2017 semester, there will no longer be the $50 fee to add or drop courses during the first week of school; there will be a full tuition refund during the first week as opposed to the 80 percent refund we are used to; the due date for the Fall semester bills will be due in late August and Griffon Rate will be expanded so that all states touching Missouri will be given in-state tuition rates using a Griffon Waiver. Students from Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Tennessee will all pay in-state tuition.

Paul Orscheln, the Associative Vice President of Enrollment Management and chair of the College Completion Team, was directly involved with the changes made and felt that a few policies needed to change to fit current day Western.

“Some of these policies have been with us for many years and no longer serve its intended purpose. I looked at these policies with the College Completion Team and we asked, ‘are these necessary or are they more of a burden to our students?’ Each policy change has its benefits to students. The elimination of the add/drop fee may help students have more flexibility with their schedules. The full refund policy may benefit students that are either unprepared for college or have to focus on personal issues first. When you’re charging a $50 fee to drop or add some classes this may be a burden to a student it might cause the student to stay in a class that they are not ready to be in or be successful in,” Orscheln said.

Marilyn Baker, Director of Financial Aid, discussed the financial details of the in-state tuition changes.

“We at the Financial Aid Office will provide a Griffon Waiver, and that will be the difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition. Instead of just giving students in-state tuition, we will be giving them waivers. This applies to both current students and incoming students,” Baker said.

Leigh Helfers, Bursar at Missouri Western, thinks students will benefit from these changes.

“Currently, if you withdraw after classes start, you get an 80 percent refund. So it was decided that it would be better to have a full refund. This is a good thing because a lot of students are not prepared academically or financially. For example, you may register in the spring [semester], and several months later you find out you don’t have the financial aid needed to continue school, or something is going on at home and after thinking about it you think you might need to stay home. This way you can withdraw fully the first week of classes without having to pay,” Helfers said.