GriffsGiveBack gets SGA support

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A new volunteering program is getting its start under SGA.
GriffsGiveBack is a program on campus meant to help connect students with volunteer opportunities and has been in existence for about a month and a half now. On Monday night, SGA voted to fund the fledgling organization through next semester and make its director a member of SGA staff.
The newly created director position will fall under the category of SGA staff and be a part of SGA’s payroll. The office will operate on a $3,000 budget for the spring semester, which will be taken out of SGA’s $140,000 rollover funds.
Founder of GGB and also a Managing Editor at the Griffon News, Brent Rosenauer helped get the organization up and running in the hopes of getting more people involved in the local community.
“GriffsGiveBack is simple. It’s an opportunity for Griffons at Missouri Western, either students, staff or faculty, to give back to the community that helped make this university what it is today,” Rosenauer said.
Rosenauer explained that GGB grew out of his personal desire to give back, but without a place to go on campus for volunteering opportunities, he was at a loss.
“I realized about a month and a half ago that there wasn’t an opportunity for me to give back to the community through the university. I was trying to find a way to be more involved in volunteering and I didn’t see any resources available. In fact, the only resource the university had a month and a half ago was a short link on the CSI website that linked you to the United Way. For me, that wasn’t enough,” Rosenauer said.
Rosenauer then turned that motivation into GriffsGiveBack, which will encourage and incentivize students’ and student organizations’ participation in volunteering opportunities as well as maintain lists of such opportunities. After help from some members of student government and having several bills introduced in the senate, GGB received the support it needed to become a part of SGA.
Asst. Director of External Relations Brad Stanton was one of the early supporters of the initiative.
“I think that it’s good for Missouri Western as an institution to have support for volunteering, because it really helps students get involved. It helps students know that giving back is something that they can do and that it doesn’t have to be too hard to give back,” Stanton said.
Likewise, Student Governor Joseph Kellogg spoke in support of the GriffsGiveBack program.
“I think first and foremost, the university is an important part of the community, and one of the main functions we should serve is to help the community. I think this is a great way to do that. We’re also an applied learning institution and volunteerism is a big part of that. I think this will be a good avenue for more of that to happen.”
The GriffsGiveBack office is located in upstairs Blum and will be in operation in the spring semester.