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Your Standards are Destroying Love

In the heterosexual dating world, there is one idealism women almost universally recognize as an attractive trait. It has nothing to do with your personality or your beliefs; it’s not anything you could change about yourself to appeal to others. No, it’s not penis size. Women want tall guys. Not every woman wants or expects a 6’7″, muscular beach god with rock hard abs and a husky, English accent, but a large majority of women prefer to date men taller than themselves. This isn’t just a female quirk; both genders have preferences. Males tend to want women that are not as tall as themselves and are noticeably shorter. Tall girls have it just as rough as short guys. According to one study, women over 6’0″ receive forty percent less OK Cupid matches than shorter girls. Why do tall girls receive less matches? Height doesn’t make women less attractive. Female models range anywhere from 5’8″ to 5’11″. Height is just a number, and every single one of us has learned that certain sets of numbers equal more suitable partners. The standards each one of us has in our minds for a potential mate are mostly learned and are not all based independent preferences. Think about how girls grow up with these fairy tales of knights in shining armor and strong princes. When these characters are reimagined in films, they are portrayed by tall, strong men. Girls then grow up expecting their dream man to be tall and gorgeous, despite the fact that the average height in the US for men is 5’9″. Height should not be something we take into consideration when choosing a potential lover. The only aspects of a partner that should be taken into consideration are the facts that directly affect the quality of the relationship, like whether the guy can make you laugh when you have had a bad day, or if the girl can make you feel secure in yourself even on your bad days. Dating someone that doesn’t align with your preconceived standards might feel wrong at first because of the gender roles established subconsciously in childhood, but passing up totally acceptable mates just because they aren’t the acceptable height for their gender is upsetting and is soiling love. Height should never get in the way of happiness. Love who you want to love.

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