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The ballot, explained

While there’s been a major focus on the presidential election this year, it’s important to keep in mind that there are other races to be decided on Election Day that hit a little closer to home.

Besides the president, Missourians get the chance to vote for candidates running for an array of statewide offices. To the right is a list of five state offices that can be found on the ballot across the state and the candidates running for those positions.

These include candidates for the U.S. Senate, governor, attorney general and others, which are found on all Missouri ballots.

Additionally, for this particular region of Missouri, voters fall into the Missouri’s 6th U.S. House District, so they get the opportunity to elect a U.S. Representative who will serve for the next two years. The candidates for this office are also included.

Beyond this, however, there are also a number of local races that voters can participate in such as circuit judge and sheriff contests.

State & congressional offices on the ballot

U.S. Senator

Serves as one of two Senators from the state of Missouri in the U.S Senate. Works to propose bills and make laws.


Jason Kander (DEM)

Roy Blunt (REP)

Jonathan Dine (LIB)

Fred Ryman (CST)

Johnathan McFarland (GRN)


Chief Executive for the state of Missouri. Signs legislation, develops budget.


Chris Koster (DEM)

Eric Greitens (REP)

Cisse Spragins (LIB)

Don Fitz (GRN)

Lester Benton (Les) Turilli, Jr. (IND)

Lieutenant Governor

Serves as President of the Senate and breaks tie votes. Acts as Governor when the governor is out of the state. Replaces the governor in the case that the governor dies, is removed, or steps down from office.


Russ Carnahan (DEM)

Mike Parson (REP)

Steven R. Hedrick (LIB)

Jennifer Leach (GRN)

Secretary of State

Collects state information; complies and stores state reports and documents. Also serves as the chief official of elections in the state.


Robin Smith (DEM)

John (Jay) Ashcroft (REP)

Chris Morrill (LIB)

Johnathan McFarland (GRN)

State Treasurer

The state’s chief finance official. In charge of all state funds.


Judy Baker (DEM)

Eric Schmitt (REP)

Sean O’Toole (LIB)

Carol Hexem (GRN)

Attorney General

Acts as Missouri’s attorney and chief legal officer. Prosecutes or defends in court case where the state is involved. Also offers legal opinions on questions from the General Assembly, Governor, or other state offices.


Teresa Hensley (DEM)

Josh Hawley (REP)


Teresa Hensley (DEM)

Josh Hawley (REP)

U.S. Representative District 6

Represents the top portion of the state of Missouri in the U.S. House;Works to propose bills and make laws.


David M. Blackwell (DEM)

Sam Graves (REP)

Russ Monchil (LIB)

Mike Diel (GRN)

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