Movie Review: Trolls



Trolls is a cute, colorful adventure inspired by the tall-haired troll dolls that first became popular in the 1960s. We all knew someone who had one, even if it wasn’t necessarily you. Although the original dolls weren’t in fact as cute as everybody believed, the movie depicted them much better.

They did get one thing right about the troll dolls — the different colors of hair along with adding some full blown glitter trolls. This added character to the trolls, I must say. Making them all unique is a big plus to the movie. They even included different characters you normally wouldn’t think of, like a cloud.

The entire movie centers on the peppy troll Princess named Poppy, voiced by Anna Kendrick, who teams up with grumpy pessimist Branch, who is voiced by Justin Timberlake .

They team up in the process of rescuing her friends from the troll-hungry Bergens. The Bergens, in their depressive and unkempt village want to be happy like the trolls. They believe the only way to pure happiness is to eat the one thing that’s happy all the time, the trolls.

Little did they know that they can’t achieve happiness: it’s already with you. The feelings have to already be there. What the Bergens don’t know is that they already are. Bridget voiced by Zooey Deschanel is one of those exceptions though. Poppy finds out that Bridget has been in love with the King and makes a deal to help her land a date with him. Little does she know that the feeling she has deep down is true happiness.

Along the way everyone learns lessons about inner happiness, never giving up, and being proud of who you are. Everything has a fuzzy, felted look to it, which softens some of the danger and peril.

Branch even learns a lesson and shows his true colors — literally true colors –in the movie. When it comes time for Branch to help Poppy out, Branch the grey and black troll sings “True Colors” while becoming the colorful troll he use to be.

Even though the movie was more geared towards children, it shouldn’t stop you from seeing it. Overall, the movie gives off a good message for everyone who views it. Never give up, and never give in. Inner happiness can be achieved but a good part of it is achieved with the ones who love and care about you.