Human nature is a funny thing


First off, let me say that I thought the writing of my fellow reporter was very good. It was thoughtful and I think she was passionate about what she wrote.

But. I feel like as a man I should defend us men and how we feel about tall women. I believe that men are simple creatures. We love food, beer and a beautiful women. But each man is different, what we find beautiful differs from man-to-man.

So first let me go back a little ways–to the beginning of man. We were the hunters and gatherers. Our job was to defend our families. Science and common sense says that the average man is bigger than the average woman–that is why we were the hunters. It is in our DNA and I believe that the mindset of man is that women should be the smaller of the two sexes. It could be pride and very well could be ego.

Don’t hate us or judge us for it, it’s what we are. We aren’t going to change, no matter how much you plea. Let me also point out that I believe that men and women should be treated and should treat each other as equals.

In my colleague’s story she pointed to an OK Cupid stat and then went on to say that height doesn’t make women less attractive. Now, without sounding like an ass…I believe that those two things contradict each other. Men are obviously finding taller women less attractive. Is it right? No. But there are so many things wrong with this world we live in that I can’t defend how men feel about tall women.

In short, I respect all women. They are powerful and magical beings. They go through pain that I could never imagine going through. We may be bigger (on average) but you women hold the real strength. You are judged way more than any man. So my message to tall women: don’t worry about being tall, there are those men out there that will find your height attractive. Unfortunately, it will be just a bit hard to find that man.

Love you, ladies.