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Eggcelent and Easy Scrambled Eggs

You deserve an easy, cheap and relatively healthy breakfast. People with full lives, whether they are filled with school or work, don't always have time to eat healthy. We will go to a fast food drive thru and order several items off the dollar menu or just skip meals until there is a lull in our schedule. That is not a fun way to live. With your busy life you deserve to eat things that give your body the energy it needs to make it through the day. Eggs are a healthy breakfast that does not take very long to make. They are a great source of protein and are very filling. You don’t have to rely on cheap and easy drive thru sandwiches anymore. Now you can actually make your own delicious scrambled eggs right in your dorm -- no hot plate required. Break two eggs into a microwave safe bowl. Break more eggs depending on how many people are going to be eating with you, but two is a good amount for a single serving. Add a pinch of salt, but no pepper. Pepper goes on later. Now you need water. Use your faucet and add about a teaspoon of water to the eggs. If you want to add more flavor and fluffiness to the scrambled eggs, add about a spoon sized amount of sour cream to the bowl. This makes the eggs feel fluffier and softer. Use a metal fork and whisk the eggs mixture together. Metal forks are less likely to break than plastic utensils, but plastic can be used if needed. Put the bowl of egg mixture in the microwave for anywhere from 2 to 3 minutes. This time is just a starter point, because everyone's microwave is different. Add more time if they seem too wet, add less time next batch if the eggs are too hard. Once the eggs are cooked to your liking, I suggest adding a pinch or more of black pepper. This recipe can be tweaked a bit. Shredded cheese would be a great addition to these eggs, as well as veggies and sausage. Frozen sausage patties and vegetables are affordable and are available at nearly every grocery store. Just microwave the sausage, cut it up and throw it in the bowl with the eggs. For veggies, just heat them up and throw them in the same bowl. Using only one bowl will help with not having to wash up a lot of dirty dishes. College doesn't have to be a time of bad food. Enjoy trying new things that are relatively cheap and easy. Practice cooking things other than 99 cent ramen in your college years.

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