Western debaters get presidential


Missouri Western speech and debate sponsored their very own presidential debate; a mock presidential debate, to be exact.

Jason Edgar, Western speech and debate, moderated the event and said he was excited to see his students in action.

“Both representatives spent two weeks working on their arguments,” said Edgar. “I want to stress they will be sharing their ideals on the subject matter, but will not be represented wholly as either candidate.”

Edgar says that step one to the debate is preparation.

“Research and note-taking is a big process in setting it up,” said Edgar. “These two students worked really hard to do this. One student is new to the team; the other just about a year spent with us.”

Sophomore Madison Lantz represented Hillary Clinton in the mock debate.

“I’d like to thank everyone for being here today,” said Lantz. “Firstly, I’d like to address the issue of Hillary’s trustworthiness. The email scandal, though a terrible event, seems to be brought up a lot. But no one seems to bring up the Bush administration losing 22 million emails.”

Kylar McNeal, sophomore, spoke on behalf of Donald Trump.

“I want to thank the people who gave us the opportunity,” McNeal said. “So many big problems happening around us. Infrastructure is crumbling. Jobs being shipped overseas. Trustworthiness of both campaigns. Hillary and her campaign are extremely untrustworthy. Studies show she is the most untrustworthy candidate. Donald is a career business man who works for the people.”

The structure went as follows: Lantz had 7 minutes to talk, then there was a cross examination with McNeal. Then the same thing, but vice versa for McNeal. Both then gave their Rebuttals starting with Lantz. Finally, it ended with Edgar, the moderator for the event, giving a cross examination to both candidates. Each representative did an excellent job sharing information and developing arguments.

McNeal, after the debate, went on record to say he wasn’t in support of Trump at all.

There were great arguments, from both sides, and no interruptions. So far, it has been one of the best debates of the year.