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Senate now all filled up

After weeks of vacancies, all the seats on SGA senate are now finally filled.

On Monday, Oct. 10, SGA introduced and passed individual pieces of legislation to bring on board six new SGA senators, bringing Senate membership to 20.

The new senators are: Reece Christensen, Engoma Fataki, Kyle Fuson, Nicklaus Hanlan, Calan Hensley and Britane Hubbard.

Each senate membership was introduced separately and passed unanimously by the Senate. After each candidate was approved, they got to trade their seat in the gallery and take their seat at the SGA table. Many were sat by their SGA “big,” which is essentially their mentor.

While becoming senators late in the meeting, they still had the opportunity to participate in the Senate meeting and discussion.

A resolution in support of student rights was introduced and discussed by the senators. In addition, in open discussion about conceal and carry on campus, new and seasoned senators alike were able to make their voices heard.

New Senator Calan Hensley, a sophomore who is serving on the Capital Projects Committee, said that he was excited, yet a little nervous about serving on senate.

“It’s pretty exciting. I’m still kind of tentative, sitting there at the table and seeing the discussion — there were a lot of times where I wanted to speak, but I’m like, this is my first day, I better wait it out,” Hensley.

Senator Kyle Fuson, also a sophomore, said his first meeting went well and looks forward to being a member of the senate.

“It went really well. I had a really good time participating and kind of learning the parliamentary procedures and working with my new “big” senator,” Fuson said. “I’m really looking forward to representing my constituency on campus, as well as getting more involved and learning how the organization runs and what I can do to help benefit Missouri Western.”

SGA President Alec Guy, who interviewed the candidates, spoke before the approval of each candidate saying that they would be an asset to SGA.

“Throughout all of it, I thought that they all had great suggestions, and I thought they all were very eager and excited to try to be a part of SGA,” Guy said. “I think ultimately, they’re going to be great senators. Actually, the majority of them were already on committees before they were even on SGA, so they were already taking that extra step to be involved. I think they’ll all be awesome additions to the Student Government Association and I think they’ll do a lot for the organization over their time here.”

The new SGA senators have their first full meeting on Oct. 17.

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