Earth gets the People’s Elbow


Somewhere out there, Al Gore is patting himself on the back and saying I told you so. Ralph Keeling and his late father have been tracking CO2 levels at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii for over fifty years. This week he came out and said that the CO2 levels have reached a point of no return. I can tell you that it reached over 400 ppm this year, but I have no idea what that really means. (PPM stands for parts per million.) I do know that we have ignored the problem for too long—and that is on us.

This world is full of people who couldn’t live without their Hemi V8 truck to try and compensate for their lack of masculinity. Then there are those who refuse to drink what that doesn’t come out of a bottle. Drinking bottled water is cool, but bro, recycle the bottle. We go to a school that places recycling bins all around campus, but rumors swirl that they just mix it with your normal trash. We live in a city that puts no emphasis on recycling. Move to Kansas City and you will see a city that forces you to recycle. Why can’t we follow their lead?

We have come to a point to where our great-grandchildren will be left without a planet to live on. By 2100 over 13 million people will have to find a new place to live because where they live now will be under water. Stephen Hawking — I’m sure you’ve heard of him — stated this week that if we do not move to space, then mankind is finished on this planet. Unfortunately, this isn’t Star Wars.

We have no one left to blame, no politician to call an idiot, and there is no calling Bill Nye to save us. Enjoy it while it lasts, America. We have all but put the finishing move on this planet we call home.