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Capitol Complaint- Dear Republicans, you’re a little late to the party

When footage of presidential hopeful Donald Trump saying super insensitive and disgusting remarks about women was leaked, it initially seemed like another quintessential “Trump moment” that would be played off as “Trump being Trump.” I mean, it’s happened time and time again without any real consequences for Trump’s presidential bid.
But this time was different—Republicans fought back.
Maybe it was the shear vulgarity of his comments or his absolutely dismal treatment of women, but something changed. This was a step too far. Indefensible is what his comments have been called by Republicans from across the county. Some have dropped their endorsement of Trump and said they will not be voting for him in November. Others have even gone as far as saying Trump should drop out of the race and be replaced by his running mate Mike Pence.
All throughout the campaign though, Trump and the Republican Party have had an uneasy relationship to say the least. Gaffe after gaffe, racist remark after racist remark, the Republican Party has been in a sticky spot of supporting their nominee while careful avoidance of actually approving the awful, hurtful and discriminatory things he says. This new release, however, may finally be the push they need to finally get out in front of him and stop him.
But let’s just remember that silence matters. When Trump said Mexicans were rapists, murderers, and criminals, not condemning that was wrong. It gave Trump a pass that led us to this point. When he made fun of a reporter with disabilities, this again reflected a lack of human decency. Not going after him on that, reflected just the same. Not opposing his plan to ban Muslims from this “land of the free” once again spoke to some troubling signs within one of the nation’s most prominent political parties.
I appreciate the Republicans who have stood against Trump and been vocal opposition to his terrible candidacy. I appreciate the ones who have put country before party and not supported this man. I appreciate the ones who have never given in, sold out or cozied up to him in the name of political expediency. I am also glad that others are now joining this ever growing group of Donald Trump dissenters. But I must say, you’re a little late to the party.

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