The world of Greeks gets a bit bigger

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The numbers are in, and 88 people have made the decision to go Greek. The past two weeks have been hectic for both the sororities and fraternities of Missouri Western.

The sororities held recruitment during the week of Sept. 12-18. Alpha Gamma Delta welcomed 12 new members, while Alpha Sigma Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma both welcomed 19 members each.

The following week, Western’s fraternities held rush week. Alpha Sigma Phi brought in 13 new members, Phi Delta Theta brought in 17 and Tau Kappa Epsilon brought in 8.

All of the Greeks had been working on recruiting new members since the summer by attending events like Griffon Edge and Griffon Warm-up and holding informational nights.

“We really tried to let them know what we are all about and present that to them as best as possible,” said Conner Samenus, president of Phi Delta Theta.

Samenus believes that going Greek is a great way for students to get involved on campus and within the community.

“The main benefit is just being involved on campus,” Samenus said. “I think that’s huge, and one of the best ways to do that is joining a fraternity where you can meet  so many different people. Networking is definitely the biggest opportunity that being a part of a fraternity or anything in Greek Life has to offer.”

The Greeks also held events where potential new members could come and spend one-on-one time with members throughout the two weeks of recruitment.

“Through the rest of the events we’re trying to get to know the freshmen and the other potential new members on a better basis personally,” Samenus said.

For some Greeks, getting new members is more difficult. Alpha Sigma Phi, a fraternity that just relaunched on campus last semester, faced the problem of not being well-known by the student population.

“For people who’ve been with Missouri Western that aren’t freshman this year, they’re not necessarily aware that we’re here,” said Kelsey Cartlidge, president of Alpha Sigma Phi. “You do the best you can and strive for good numbers.”

Regardless of what fraternity or sorority potential members chose, the Greeks consider themselves a family and plan on promoting each other.

“We really want to promote all of the fraternities on campus, because as long as Greek life is growing as a whole, that’s our main goal,” Samenus said.