Cronkite show performed in DC, NY

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In celebration of Walter Cronkite’s upcoming 100th birthday, the Cronkite show premiered at the Newseum in Washington D.C. on Sunday, Sept. 25.
The showing of Cronkite was part of a series of events at the Newseum, an interactive museum dedicated to journalism and news, in honor of the “Most Trusted Man in America.”
Missouri Western President Dr. Robert Vartabedian, who conceived and edited the show, helped introduce the show to the audience.
“We’re here and we’re very happy to be here to celebrate the centennial of Walter Cronkite’s birth that was back in 1916 in St. Joseph, Missouri. We’re also here to share with you our live, multimedia show entitled Cronkite,” Vartabedian said.
John Maynard, director of programs at the Newseum, said it was nice having the play performed at the Newseum.
“Of course, Walter Cronkite holds a very dear spot here in the Newseum. You’ll find his work throughout the Newseum, which looks at the history of journalism…It’s been a great partnership with Missouri Western State University.”
The showing at the Newseum, however, was not the only place the Cronkite performance has appeared recently.
“Just Friday night, we played the Lincoln Center with the entire trilogy,” Vartabedian said. “This is one show of three. The other two acts of this trilogy, And That’s the Way It Is: Cronkite’s Journey, starts with Harry and Walter: Missouri’s Native Sons as act one and act two is King and Cronkite, and then this is the finale or third act. We’ve done this in New York and we’ve had some people ask us if we’d like to extend our run to a regional or off-Broadway venue. We’ve also done it at Union Station in Kansas City and the Truman Presidential Library, so it’s getting more and more exposed.”
Missouri Western has continued to expand its memorial in Spratt Hall in honor of the famed journalist and St. Joseph native. Speaking of Cronkite after the show, Vartabedian remarked on Cronkite’s integrity and legacy.
“He shared with the world the major stories or most of the major stories of my lifetime and did so with a tremendous amount of integrity. It’s easy to memorialize someone of Cronkite’s character, it truly is,” Vartabedian said.
Missouri Western will be hosting its own Walter Cronkite centennial event at the Walter Cronkite Memorial on Nov. 5, a day after Cronkite’s 100th birthday.