Updated Spratt Stadium opens doors

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Summer has come and gone, we’re closing in on the cool, crisp weather of fall. This is no ordinary fall around the Missouri Western campus. No, this fall fans and students will get to enjoy a brand new experience at Spratt Stadium.

The new Spratt Stadium will include 200 additional Gold Coat Club Seats, 14 corporate suites, a Hall of Fame room and much more. Oh, and also the biggest video board in Division II. The video board is almost 78-foot tall, with a 2,500 square foot display.

“It’s bigger than probably my house,” Athletic Director Kirk McGuffin said.

The biggest and brightest part of the $2.8 million project arrived at the Missouri Western campus on June 9. It took 10 flatbed trailers three days to bring the video board 1,600 miles from Corona California.

The school received a lot of help in paying for the board from Steve Craig. Craig, founder and CEO of Craig Realty Group, donated $1.1 million for the project. This brings the total to $8.9 million that he has donated to Missouri Western. This was no spur of the moment project for Craig, as him and his team spent five and a half years designing the video board.

“It was a big project, and frankly I wasn’t willing to compromise it and make it a miniature scoreboard like they did at Northwest,” Craig said.

The video board is not just the biggest in Division II athletics—it is also bigger than the boards at the University of Missouri and the University of Kansas. Missouri Western President Robert Vartabedian did not shy away from boasting about Western’s newest attraction.

“There just aren’t many opportunities where you can boast that you have the biggest and best phenomenon on your campus,” Vartabedian said.

The renovations will provide Western with many new opportunities. Vartabedian hopes that they may host marching band competitions and much, much more.

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