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He’s never been the super outgoing type.

He focused on grades in high school rather than being the popular guy.

He was never the really outspoken one, but rather somewhat reserved.

He is friendly and personable, but he’s quite never been “That Guy.”

Yet Alec Guy is a guy with a plan and a mission: to be the voice for the students.

When he was elected Student Government Association president for the 2016-2017 school year, he ran on a few simple tenants: transparency, outreach and inclusion. Most importantly, Guy wanted to reach out to the students and to show them that SGA was there for them.

“When we were campaigning, we talked in all classes, we went through a ton of organizations, and one thing that I started off with is asking ‘how many of you know when SGA meetings are?’ And you know, very few hands would go up every time. Then I would ask, ‘how many of you know that you can come and voice your opinion in an SGA meeting or come to the SGA office?’ and again, there were very few hands. So, I think that one of the biggest things that I would like to focus on in the administration is getting the word to students and make sure they know SGA is here to represent them. If they have something that they want to see addressed on campus or if they have something that they think should be talked about, that they can come to SGA and they can do that,” Guy said.

While Guy may be concerned with reaching out to students today as their student government president, it was in part an outreach effort from a member of SGA that brought Guy to where he is today.

Guy attributed being first introduced to the organization almost two years ago by his running mate and the current SGA vice president.

“The first time I got involved in SGA was my sophomore year, second semester,” Guy said. “I hadn’t really known much about SGA until then. I had been involved in other organizations, but when it came to SGA, I didn’t really know that much about it. I started talking to the current Vice President Conner Samenus actually about it and he really kind of motivated me to come out to SGA, and he gave me a lot of information, told me when meetings are, and things like that.”

Vice President Samenus first met Guy in an honors class and then developed a friendship with him as they both pledged Phi Delta Theta. Samenus said he knew Guy, a political science and economics major, would enjoy student government.

“I tried to get him involved in student government because I know he has a passion with political science and I knew he would fit really well into student government,” Samenus said.
“Once he told me about it, I came to my three meetings, and then I got accepted as a senator and have never looked back,” Guy said.

Guy first entered SGA as a senator, but would rise through the ranks of the organization and to its highest office. After a semester as a senator, he then applied and moved up to an executive board position as the director of communication. Here, he managed the group’s communications as well as carried out secretarial duties for SGA meetings and coordinating community service projects. Guy then ran against then-SGA Vice President Brad Stanton for president in the March of 2016 and was elected 263-216.

As communication director and now as SGA president, communication between SGA and the students at Missouri Western has been important to Guy. As president, he wants to increase the dialogue between students, student groups and their student government. He wants to make the campus community more inclusive and welcoming. Guy talked about holding SGA and other meetings occasionally in the downstairs of Blum Union to encourage student participation in meetings. His administration also talked about plans to hold dinners with student organizations to facilitate a family feel. Guy even talked about rearranging the SGA office to promote a more open and welcoming space for students to visit.

While his administration has placed a special emphasis on communication, Guy does not describe himself as outgoing, but is friendly nonetheless.

“I think I’m still pretty reserved and I’m not the outgoing person that’s loud and always talking, but I’m the kind of person that can be friendly and can enjoy talking to people, but I can also speak my mind coherently and clearly when I need to,” Guy said.

Despite not being super outspoken himself, Guy maintains the ability to be a leader and a voice for the students. SGA Advisor and Vice President of Student Affairs Shana Meyer described Guy as a “quiet leader” who takes his leadership responsibilities very seriously.

“Alec has been one of those quiet campus leaders, and his involvement across campus has been numerous, but he hasn’t necessarily been one of those people who have been in the spotlight,” Meyer said. “That being said, I think he’s an excellent leader. He’s somebody who gets other people on board and leads by example.”

Samenus, who has known Guy since their freshman year, said that Guy has grown as a leader and developed more of a voice over the years he has known him.

“He was such a reserved, quiet guy as a freshman. Just the process of going through Phi Delt and how he’s joined more organizations along the way has brought him out of his shell,” Samenus said. “He’s become more of a social guy. He’s not afraid to talk to anyone now. Back in the day, he was more on the reserved side and now he can have conversations with anyone, no matter who it is.”

Guy’s ability to converse and his personable attitude is an asset for Guy’s administration as it hopes to secure more student participation and involvement in the coming year.
While occupying one of the highest positions a student can have at Missouri Western, Guy said that he is just like other students. He hopes his position as SGA president does not make others shy away from talking to him, but rather encourage them to talk to him about the issues they care about.

“One thing that I want students to know is that I’m always here and I’m here for them,” Guy said. “I want them to know that I’m approachable. I’m here to represent them and I want them to feel comfortable talking to me… I want them to know that I’m not some super professional person that can’t have fun or can’t interact with them. I want them to know that I’m a normal student just like them and I’m here to represent them.”

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