Griffon Edge events welcome new students

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Missouri Western welcomed new students to campus by hosting several events over the course of three days. These events were all a part of Griffon Edge, and included a block party, a glow party, a service project and a welcome fair.

Dixie Williams, associate director of admission, explains that providing events like these can help students with the transition from high school to college, as well as introduce them to new people.

“The purpose of the events is to put them through an orientation process that allows them to connect to the campus early on, so that they’re able to identify not only where their classes are, but people who are within their same major,” Williams said.

SGA President and First Year Experience Student Director, Alec Guy, says the Griffon Edge program not only aids the new students coming to campus, but also helps the university.

“From the university standpoint it’s important because it can be great for retention,” Guy said. “So this kind of creates that Griffon family that we love to see at Missouri Western, that we love about Missouri Western, to make everyone feel welcomed.”

Speaking of the Griffon family, Events and New Student Program Coordinator Marissa Steimel explains that without the help of all organizations on campus, Griffon Edge wouldn’t be as successful.

“The partnerships are the key,” Steimel said. “I came in to [Griffon Edge] July 5, and without the partnerships across campus, this never would’ve happened.”

Center for Student Involvement Program Assistant Cecilia Tackett attended several of the events at Griffon Edge and said they helped her meet new people and see what organizations are on campus.

“I think, honestly, my favorite part of Griffon Edge would have to be the glow party,” Tackett said. “It was really fun and just being able to experience college before you actually have to go in to the classes.”

Griffon Edge counts as one credit hour for all students who participate and is a program that is held every year for new or incoming students.

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