A word from the new editor

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If you’ve gotten this far and are a regular reader of the Griffon News, you may have noticed a change in design this semester.

New people bring new changes, and I am one of those new people. New in this position, anyway.

Starting this semester, I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Griffon News. Before that, I was a staff writer, assistant lifestyles editor and lifestyles editor, so this might be where my desire to create a visually new paper came from.

Although The Griffon News looks different this semester, we still adhere to the same core values that we have always tried to stand by: We report the news and nothing but the news. We are dedicated to bringing the student body and anyone who takes an interest in Missouri Western unbiased and relevant news. We want them to know the things that they need to know about what happens in this community of ours.

While our mission is to bring people the news, we understand that there is a give-and-take relationship. We appreciate input and criticism from all sides. If we report something wrong or inaccurately, we want to know and we will make corrections as needed. The Griffon News also welcomes feedback. We want to hear from our readers. Letters to the editors and story ideas from our readers are welcome and encouraged. Stop by the newsroom in Eder, send an email to one of us, or even tweet at us to let your voice be heard.

Again, while much is changing, the core of the paper remains the same. I am looking forward to a semester full of news and improvement to the paper. Thanks to a great staff of experienced editors and fresh reporters I am convinced we can accomplish this goal.

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