Students to vote on SGA constitutional change

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Missouri Western students will be voting on a constitutional change to the SGA Constitution on April 13-14.
After SGA approved Senate Bill FY16-64 unanimously on Monday, April 4 at SGA’s weekly meeting, the measure now goes to MWSU’s student body for a final vote.
The proposed change would create tiers in the SGA Executive Board and allow for additional positions to be added executive board positions, such as an SGA secretary and director of public relations position.
SGA Executive Vice President Brad Stanton said that it would not be a major change to the way SGA currently operates, but just allow for executive board tiers for positions to fit into.
“So, functionally to the student, it doesn’t change anything,” Stanton said. “It just let us set up tiers, so if we add or remove positions in the future, we have tiers to slot those positions into.”
SGA President-Elect Alec Guy said that if the constitutional change was approved by the students, it would benefit his SGA administration and the students they represent.
“I personally think it’s going to be great for the administration,” Guy said. “This just kind of simplifies things and I think it will be very beneficial for SGA because we can actually stay more focused and we can do more to get the word out to students. I think ultimately it will benefit students because more will get done. We’ll be able to communicate better with students with a chair based solely on PR. I think in the long run, it’ll be a lot better for SGA.”
Students will be able to vote on the constitutional change online via SGA’s website on April 13 and 14.