Spring concert rock Civic Arena

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Maddie and Tae headlined this year’s spring concert with openers Brothers Osborne and Nine Miles to Nowhere, giving country music fans a fun night of music and dancing.

Nearly 1,200 tickets were sold for the concert, with about 300 of those belonging to Missouri Western students.

Chair of Concert, Dylan Barnes, says the Western Activities Council (WAC) was pleased with the turnout at this year’s show.

“I actually think it went really well,” Barnes said. “I was actually surprised by how much of the community came out. Student wise, we had roughly about three hundred students, but we had twelve hundred to thirteen hundred total, which I thought was really well.”

The good turn out could be linked to the genre of music chosen. Last semester, WAC released a survey to see which type of artist the students most wanted to see, with the ending result being country.

“Usually country we do the best turn out of any other genre that we do, so I mean I look forward to seeing what the new e-board does next year with what we have,” Barnes said.

The overall reaction from the concert was positive, with audience members saying all three of the musical acts sounded great, were full of energy and gave an exciting performance for the students and community members.

“From the reaction, I could tell that everyone really liked the concert. It went really well and hopefully it will just get better from here for next years,” Barnes said.

At this time WAC doesn’t have any information about next year’s event, but they will be releasing another survey for students next fall to vote on the genre of music the student body would most like to see.