SGA President Haefner champions SSA redistribution

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The Student Success Act proposal that has been approved unanimously by the committee

and presented to the SGA Senate gets back to the original focus of the Student Success Act.

When this Act was put into place, it was a time when the State government was looking at

cutting funding in universities. The student leaders of that time along with administration sat

down to find a way that campus services would not vanish. The original “Save Our School” Act

was to fund Recreation Services, Center for Academic Support, Student Success and Advising,

Student Life and Leadership, and Career Services. Any excess money would be held back into a

holding account in case of a decrease in enrollment. (I took these directly from the signed bill on

April 2, 2012). The fee was passed by the Board of Governors and put into place, but then the

budget cuts did not occur. There was nothing written in to the proposal to discuss what would

occur with the funds if the budget cuts did not occur. Over the next four years, the funds were

appropriated based on many different ways.

This year’s proposal that the committee has approved will fund the student labor and

operating budgets of many different “student services” for at least the next three years. It will

then be up to be reviewed Fall 2019. The departments benefitting from this fund will be the

Center for Academic Support, Student Success, Recreation Services, Esry Health Center, Center

for Multicultural Education, Center for Student Involvement, International Student Services, and

Career Services, again conforming to the original services that were to be saved under the

original act. Missouri Western will still cover the Personnel, Fringe Benefits, and Travel budgets

of the departments that were listed above. The SSA funds will also fund student tickets at all

MWSU Theatre productions and $1 per student per fiscal year will be appropriated towards the

Student Capital Fund. The Student Capital Fund will be used to fund things the students want

and can be accumulated over many years.

This proposal removes the “Us vs. Them,” “students vs. administration” mentality that

has become a focus of the Student Success Act. Now we are back to working for the same goal,

to help fund student services.