My Old Music Box

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About two years ago, I was in in a little Amish town a few hours away. I was going around to all these cute little shops and I stumbled across an antique store. I didn’t really have any intention to buy anything, but as a I was looking around and a medium-sized brown box. I had to climb a little bit to get to it, and, to my surprise, it was record player.
Neither I nor the lady that owned the store had any idea if it even worked. It was old looking and a little rough around the edges, but it was only twenty dollars. I took the risk and although it may seem a little over dramatic, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
Music has always been something that brings people together. It puts all of the differences we might have with someone aside. It lets us take a step back and enjoy that current moment. One thing that I think has changed since the mid to late ’90s is we aren’t forced to live in the moment as people used to be while listening to music their way.
Today, with the technology we have, we can skip through songs as many times as we want to or as many times as Pandora will let us. Back in the day of vinyl records, there were no skip buttons or playlists or anything that lets us select certain songs. Record players that forced us to get tangible with the music.
Vinyls are art that we are forced to be a part of while listening. We have to physically drop the record on the pin and watch it spin. Then, when the few songs on one side are over, we have to flip it over and do it all over again. It’s much more of a process than what most people do today. Yes, today’s way is much more convenient, but in a way, record players make us much more appreciative of the music you are listening to. When you watch the needle glide across the vinyl and physically watch it play, it’s a much different experience than watching it come out of a car speaker. It connects you with the music more.
Music is abstract- we can’t see it, but with vinyls, we can in way. We can watch it spin, we can see the grooves in the record, and we can actually see the music play right in front of you.
Record players are a piece of the past that a lot of this generation is definitely missing out on.