Haefner passes the presidential torch

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As one Missouri Western Student Government Association legacy steps down, another takes her place. Western President Robert Vartabedian officially inaugurated Alec Guy as SGA president and Connor Samenus as SGA executive vice president for the 2016-2017 school year.

“I’m extremely optimistic about what this administration can do and I know that we can truly make a difference at Missouri Western,” Guy said. “I earnestly hope to make every student’s college experience better in some way and to make Missouri Western better as a whole.”

Former SGA President Ida Haefner gave an emotional farewell during the event.

“This has been a wonderful year and I am not going to soon forget it at all,” Haefner said to the students, faculty and staff members who had come to the inauguration.

Haefner also reviewed the legislative accomplishments of her administration and senate. Some of those features included the Saint Joseph Transit bus initiative, the placement of multiple water-bottle filling stations around campus, funding for new bike racks and, most recently, the restructuring of Student Success Act fee money.

President Guy presented the six-member Executive Board during his inauguration:

– Executive Vice President, Connor Samenus
– Director of Finance, Matthew Scholz
– Director of Public Relations, Gillian Evans
– Director of Student Involvement, Mon’tra Qualls-Woods
– Assistant Director of External Relations, Brad Stanton
– Secretary of Senate, Logan Zorn

The 2016 SGA senators were also honored for being elected to their positions.

The new Senate will hold its first official meeting Monday, April 25.