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Guy/Samenus hold first SGA meeting

Less than a week after being inaugurated, the Guy/Samenus administration held its very first SGA meeting.
The new administration and SGA Senate took over the final SGA meeting for the 2015-2016 academic year on April 25, where they introduced and passed several pieces of legislation.
The first votes the new senate cast were to approve SGA’s constitution and the bylaws.
Approving SGA’s governing document is something that happens each year as a way of starting things off, said SGA President Alec Guy.
“In terms of approving the constitution and the bylaws, those are all kind of formalities that we do at the beginning of the year,” Guy said.
The Senate then approved legislation to confirm President Guy’s executive board. The approved positions and appointments included Executive Vice President Connor Samenus, Director of Public Relations Gillian Evans, Director of Finance Matt Scholz, Director of Student Involvement Mon’tra Qualls-Woods and Assistant Director of External Relations Brad Stanton.
The senate was also presented with an interim SGA operating budget at Monday night’s meeting. The budget was passed unanimously, but it is not binding and will likely be refined and reworked over the summer months Guy said.
“Basically what happens is we get the budget and we go through and we decide how we want to allocate funds or if we want to change anything in the budget,” Guy said. “This is just kind of a rough estimate and then over the summer, we’ll go through and specify it and actually decide what we want to spend everything on. So, yes, this is just an approval of formality and it’s not binding, but the one we approve next meeting will be binding.”
The last bill approved by the Senate was a resolution to thank the previous SGA President Ida Haefner and Vice President Brad Stanton for their work over the past year.
Overall, the new administration was optimistic about the first meeting as well as the future.
“Like I’ve said time and time again, I think this group has a lot of potential and we can do great things,” Guy said. “I think for the first meeting, it definitely went well. There were a few questions asked, which I’m excited about. Usually, at the first meeting, everyone is kind of timid, but there were some questions asked and some people spoke and wanted to clear things up before the vote, which is a great thing.”
Vice President Connor Samenus, who led the session, thought the meeting ran well and looks forward to working with the senate in the future.
“I think it went well. I mean, it’s the first one and I was a little nervous, but everyone was well informed on the legislation, so it was great,” Samenus said. “I’m really looking forward to getting to know the senators better on a personal level and just working to help students in whatever way possible. I feel like we have a really strong senate and we can get a lot done and I’m really excited.”
The next SGA meeting will be held in the fall semester.

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