“Godspell” expected to be a hit at Missouri Western

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Missouri Western’s Department of Theatre, Cinema and Dance is getting ready for their newest production, “Godspell.”
Directed by Tee Quillin, “Godspell” is fun production of music and dance. Cast members help Jesus, played by Thomas Delgado, tell different parables. With lots of storytelling techniques, plenty of comedy and fun games, the cast does a great job keeping the audience entertained throughout the production.
“This specific production of Godspell is so organic,” Delgado said. “It is all of us (the cast) playing around onstage. So everything is very honest and real, which is how it should be.”
The choice of music ranges from upbeat pop music to a vaudeville style. The music truly captures the life of Jesus as the cast dances around the stage.
There’s very few roles that are as huge as playing Jesus Christ, but Delgado has been able to hold it down well for the production.
“Getting the opportunity to play Jesus has been so amazing,” Delgado said. “Not stressful, at all, surprisingly. I just have to remind myself, ‘Jesus was human. He had emotions, like everyone.’ In regards to it being a huge role, that is my last thought. But it is very humbling, I’ve had a pretty generous year of roles. There are never small roles, just small actors. And this cast is all capable of portraying leading roles.”
While it is a small cast, only 10 members, they do a great job throughout the production. Delgado describes the cast as “the closest I’ve been to any cast while here at Missouri Western.”
“We have grown into a family and built a community between us,” Delgado said. “It’s truly beautiful. The audience will immediately pick up on that, too.”
Since it does tell the story of Jesus’ life, the production leads all the way through the Last Supper and the Crucifixion. Well done and haunting to watch, the whole production will leave the audience in awe of the lessons at hand.
“This show is so special and is a classic…the message being projected is love and peace,” Delgado said. “We’re all human and that’s what we want to share. We do not want to push religion onto anyone, but we do want to push love.”
Admission to the production is free to students. Head over to Potter Hall this weekend, April 8-10, and next weekend, April 14-16, to see “Godspell.”